Rosengebinde Herzform

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Seebestattung, Trauer, Abschied, Konzept Todesanzeigen

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Blühende Obstbäume im Frühling

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Sunbeam from clouds

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Coffins are presented in shop of undertaker

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Rearview of a man comforting a woman at a funeral

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Religion, death and dolor  - mortician on funeral with urn

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"In a deep depression" concept

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Cropped shot of a man placing a white rose on a grave

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Candle and white flowers

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Granny and granddaughter talking

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Coffee and Hot Chocolate on a white table

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Signing paperwork with a fountain paperwork. The image has added grain and styling.

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Lily flower on the dark background. Condolence card. Empty place for a text.

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Weathered old stone angel at the Melaten graveyard, Cologne, Germany

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Sunbeams shine through the forest in autumn in backlight

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Closeup shot of two unidentifiable people holding hands in comfort

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Close up of unrecognizable financial advisor rubbing his hands while made a fraud on his clients.

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A low angle image of a huge group of wax candles all lit up with selective foreground focus Cape Town South Africa

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Meadow Floral nature vintage background

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